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Sugar Wax Hair Removal

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  • Bikini Line $35
  • Bikini Plus $50
  • Brazilian $55
  • Arms $35
  • Half Arms $25
  • Underarms $20
  • Full Face $40
  • Half Face $30
  • Chin $15
  • Lip $15
  • Eyebrows $18
  • Sideburns $18
  • Stomach $25
  • Lower Back $25
  • Half Legs $40
  • Full Legs $70
  • Back $55
  • Chest $55
  • Full Legs $80
  • Half Legs $50
  • Full Arm $45
  • Half Arm $35


Skin Care

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Gua Sha Facial Massage with CBD or Vitiman C Serum Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing practice in which a flat jade stone is pulled along energy and drainage paths of the face and neck. The goal of Gua Sha is to release muscle tension, drain any excess fluid, increase blood flow, move cellular waist and loosen blocked chi. Gua Sha also increases product penetration deeper into the skin layers where it is most beneficial. This service will leave your face refreshed, relaxed and your skin smooth and plump. 45min $45

Facial Cupping A wonderful service to drain stagnated lymph out of your face, while stimulating collagen production. Helps reduce fine lines and bring nurturance to the skin. This service will not leave your face discolored like traditional body cupping. You will leave with a glowing healthy face. 45min $45

Fresh Feet Take some weight off your feet and relax with this deep cleanse and rejuvenating foot treatment. You will receive a wash, exfoliation peel, scrub, hydration, aroma therapy and pressure point massage. 45min $45

Therapeutic Facial should be beneficial to the skin and relaxing to the mind, body and soul. Each therapeutic facial is customized to the client and include: cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), facial massage, pressure points, treatment mask, serums and hydration. Additional modalities may be added or substituted depending on the client's needs. My goal is for the client to have nourished, refreshed skin and feel as if they had a moment escaped from their day to day at the end of the treatment. 60min $85

Bellanina Facelift Massage® for rejuvenating maturing skin. This treatment lifts, tones and firms facial muscles through a series of specialized facial massage strokes, leaving a glowing look for days. Regular and frequent treatments over time help your muscles to be firmer and tighter. Using a combination of Thai massage and pressure points, muscles are rejuvenated and the results are similar to a surgical facelift. We include a massage to the hands, feet, shoulders, neck and scalp in this ultra-luxurious treatment. A series is recommended for best results. Ask about our packages. 90min $130

Peels are composed of low PH solutions that are designed to remove the top-most outer layers of the skin so that new, regenerated skin replaces the old. Peels can improve hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, excessive oil, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, poor circulation and skin laxity. Peels are best to have when you will be out of the sun for a week and half. 60min $90

Dermaplaning is a procedure for exfoliating the outer most layer of skin. This procedure allows products to sink deeper into the skin and encourage new skin cell growth. Younger skin cells equals younger skin. There is little to no down time for this procedure. Using a scalpel and a soft touch, I will scrape the surface of the skin using light strokes to remove the dead skin cells. 60min $90

TLC Extremely gentle facial for clients going through chemo therapy, radiation treatments or medical treatments. A wonderful gift for loved ones. 60min $75


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